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Danielle Lins


On The Spot

I can see that you're running away
Well, I knew you would if you were blue
Give me your hand, say you will stay
Don't lose your way, I'll go with you
All the lights that in you I have seen
Make me blind if you are on the spot
But I know that I know you a lot
I've heard all of your thoughts and what they mean
I can see now you're playing, enjoying your day
And the shadows are so far behind
See, it isn't just something I say
Just have faith and I know you will find
Whatever you need to melt the pain
To plant the seed of the love that will feed
Your blue heart again
Well, I am sure that you can
Take care of that little seed
Get the love that you need
To easy all your pain...

Danielle Lins
Enviado por Danielle Lins em 25/09/2006
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